Arthur Becker: C.E.O and Chairman of Zinio

Arthur Becker is the chief executive officer and chairman of Zinio Company. He has quite an interesting past in technology and various application management services to his name. Arthur Becker had invested in NaviSite and Vera Wang Fashion Company each for a couple of years. Mr. Becker has been successful in his ventures. He started off by investing in a great idea back in the year 2011. Even though he has chaired many companies over the years, this venture has taken him to high horizons regarding real estate and technology.

Presently, Arthur invests in divergent residential developments, where he develops townhouses for people. He had been in the limelight for his idea to renovate townhouses for the purpose of selling or leasing. Arthur has broken boundaries in both New York and Florida. It is also noted that his work with Vera Fashion Company helped his real estate idea thrive into new dimensions.

In an interview conducted by inspirery, he reveals that he set the pace in February 2003 where he chaired NaviSite. He later founded Madison Partners, LLC, which he currently continues to invests in and play a vital role in its growth. He says his inspiration was nurtured through working with Vera Wang Fashion Company where he vastly learned about fashion and design.

When asked how he makes money, Arthur positively responds by saying he invests in salient properties which when refurbished and fixed up can be sold or leased out. When he started dealing with technology, he gained immediate profit on several investments, and since the return was rewarding, he decided to venture more in the field.

There was no time he doubted himself since he had ample knowledge and skills needed to run the businesses. He got his first customer in Madison Partners, LLC, through his former job.

Arthur Becker advises that if you are looking for a way to penetrate the market, having a great marketing team will help sell your brand. He continues to say that not only should you use referrals but you should also invest in billboards, business cards, pens, shirts, or any other way to market your brand.

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Becoming An Actor With The Help of Nine9

Becoming an actor is all about skill, hard work, auditioning, and working with the right people. You need to find the right professional who can help get you going. Nine9 is known for being the Unagency that handles all aspects of your future career in acting. Nine9 has helped numerous actors get their first big break. They want you on a film set as soon as you are ready for it. If you are, they will know all about that and will help move you forward in the right direction. Nine9 is incredible with what they offer. They know how to get people on the right path so they can accomplish more.

Nine9 works together with their team to help artists like you succeed in this field. It all begins when you decide to join their team. First, they will focus on helping you polish what you’re trying to accomplish. Things like taking classes can make a big difference to what you are capable of. When you take their classes, you get an insider look on all things regarding their brand. You are going to learn about how to act, find emotion, achieve emotional growth in regards to acting, alongside what you can do to improve your overall skills so you can audition and be prepared for everything that comes your way.

Nine9 is such a great company that also has the right connections to help you land jobs in the world of acting by providing you with auditions. They have great casting directors who also go through their casting database to help them find what they want for a new show or project they may be working on. There’s a lot more to acting than you may think, and it’s all about getting the right training and getting those auditions worked in.

Dick DeVos Philanthropist and Aviation Charter School Creator

Dick DeVos and wife Betsy have made charitable contributions of nearly $139 million dollars throughout his life. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 2015, they made $11.6 million dollars in charitable contributions. Throughout the DeVos family’s life they have donated $1.33 billion dollars and according to Forbes, this is estimated to be about a quarter of their $5.2 billion dollar fortune.

Dick DeVos’ father was Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway and the family has contributed and been a player in republican politics. Forbes rated the DeVos family in 24th place for America’s Top Givers. This was after Rich DeVos and his four adult children donated $104 million to charity. Dick and Betsy DeVos chose education as a focus for their charitable donations giving over $3 million to education causes. The foundation also awarded $357,000 to groups that support education reform.

Dick DeVos said in an interview with MLive and the Grand Rapids Press that it came to his attention the current education system was not meeting the ‘American dream.’ Expanding on this DeVos said living in the wrong zip code can affect the type of education a student gets. The DeVos’ support charter schools and vouchers that critics argue take money from public schools. He said of the ‘failing of education is the ‘one-size-fits-all public education platform’ a better system can be found so every child has a good education. Dick DeVos said in this there are a lot of talented teachers and administrators. He said the schools he and his wife decided to provide financial support have academic resolve, accountability, and adult supervision support. DeVos said the bulk of their charitable donations are geared to help people directly. Dick and Betsy DeVos have been ongoing benefactors of Potter’s House, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, and an urban Christian school.

Dick DeVos launched the first aviation-themed charter school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school focuses on STEM learning, robotics, and aeronautical engineering. The school had 15 licensed pilots in the 2015 graduating class. The school brings children from seven surrounding counties with more than one-third of the students classified as economically disadvantaged. According to the state of Michigan, the graduation for the school has an 86 percent graduation rate.

Dick DeVos earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and also served as the CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He became a CEO and president of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team in 1991.

Along with his philanthropy pursuits, Dick DeVos is the Co-Chairman of the Grand Action Committee since 1992 and is president of The Windquest Group since 2002. The other organizations DeVos is associated with include Vice-Chairman of Willow Creek Association since 2007 and the board of directors for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder and chairman of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Jason Halpern – The Giant in Real Estate

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Jason Halpern is a real estate giant and developer who is currently handling the family’s business, JMH development. He has been at the helm since 2010. The company has over 500 million dollars invested in different projects in New York. Some of the most common projects that they are well known for include the 184 Kent where they turned a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. The company also under Jason’s supervision oversaw the development of different other projects including the townhouses of cobble hill project and the addition of nine other luxury houses in Brooklyn area.

Jason Halpern: with Production

JMH developed crowned its three hundred Collins condominium project in Miami Beach. Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, the company was able to break ground of the five-story building with 19 units. The project did favorably well in the market that it is more than 80% sold according to a press release that was made. The units are being sold from a range of about 1.7 million dollars to 9 million dollars thus giving different clients different options.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Most customers are impressed with the quality of the project whose features include floor to ceiling windows, white oak floors, marble bathrooms and customized kitchens. The spacing is also attractive as it is more than 3700 square feet. Amenities at the building include fitness center, a 75-foot pool and a rooftop deck with cabanas. The architect in charge of this project was known as Thomas Juul- Hansen, which marks his first residential project in Miami.

Jason’s Family

This impressive building is set for opening in early next year. Some of the future tenants are famous people with some even signing contracts worth millions of dollars. By April, Halpern had closed on a 26 million dollars loan for the project at 320 Collins Avenue. The project has paid off thanks to the excellent management skills of Jason Halpern who is at the helm of the company’s leadership. Real estate is a forte that Jason Halpern continues to do well in. His success is attributed to hard work and years of experience in the property and real estate industry.

Todd Lubar Demonstrates Success In The Real Estate Market

The real estate market as a whole took a serious hit a decade ago because of a series of events that combined to affect the financial structure of the entire United States. In almost every city across the country, real estate values took a dive. Many people had real estate loans that were not good loans. During the mist of the real estate problems and the financial crisis that was affecting the entire country, many people lost their homes.

Their homes were foreclosed and the real estate market took a hit because of all the foreclosures and the financial problems that were impacting many financial institutions. There were real estate problems related to foreclosures and bad loans across the country. One of the cities that was feeling the direct effects of the real estate problems was Baltimore, Maryland.

In the city of Baltimore, real estate values went down for over a decade. The value of real estate for many homeowners went down and it caused them a variety of problems. In recent years, the value of real estate has increased steadily. Many homeowners are now seeing real estate value that is where it was before the real estate problems of a decade ago.

In the Baltimore area, Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who has emerged as someone who can be looked at as a shining light through the problems the city endured over the past decade. Todd Lubar started his professional career in real estate two decades ago as a loan originator. The position introduced him to the real estate profession and how the real estate industry works.

Todd Lubar learned a lot in the position and he used the position as a launching pad to his real estate career. Over the next decade, Todd Lubar learned a lot about the real estate industry as he accepted a couple of real estate loan positions that gave him more responsibilities. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Around 10 years ago, Todd Lubar started his own real estate firm. The firm focuses on helping people find loans who do not have the best financial situation or conditions. Todd Lubar helps a lot of people acquire loans through his real estate firm.

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New Website for U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve plays a huge part in the American government and an even larger part in the way that normal Americans live their lives on a daily basis. Not only does the entity handle money that is currently in circulation but they also handle money that is out of circulation and other monetary factors that contribute to the way that the country operates.

It is important to note that the U.S. Money Reserve does not dictate the money that America has but it does control the money and the various releases of the money for people who do different things with it.

Because of the way that the U.S. Money Reserve works, there are many different factors that go into it and into changing the way that things work for the people who use the money that the United States has.

It is also important to note that many people do not know how the reserve works because they have never had the chance to visit one. Many people do not get that chance because they are either too far away from one or they simply do not have the opportunity to go to the physical location.

Thanks to a world that is now technologically advanced, people are able to have a better understanding of how the U.S. Money Reserve works and the way that it makes a difference in the things that are done for the United States.

When talking about the reserve, people can now have an understanding of it so that they will be able to know what the reserve is like and how it works for them. There are many ways that the U.S. Money Reserve can do things and offering virtual tours on their website is one of the newest ways.

With the opening of their new website that is loaded with features, they are creating different options that are included with the site. It gives the people who visit the site a chance to see that there is so much more to the reserve than just storing money and using it for the government.

The new website not only offers virtual tours to the people who visit it but it also has a vast collection of coins and other information that people can learn about the reserve while they are on the site. It is like having a virtual museum of the U.S. Money Reserve.

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The Benefits Of Using Wen By Chaz

Dean Cleansing Conditioner
Choosing a hair conditioner is one of the things which you must do at one point or another. A cleansing conditioner is one of your best bets if you want to take advantages that come with a conditioner and a cleanser. The good news is that there are such products in the market. One of them is the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner.

The Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner comes with the benefits of a cleansing shampoo as well as the properties of a hair conditioner. It also sums up as hair treatment. Unlike ordinary shampoos which damage your scalp and leaves it dry and sensitive, this cleansing conditioner does the opposite. It not only soothes the scalp but it also helps the hair to grow strong and healthy.

When you choose a cleaning conditioner for your hair, you must make sure that it contains ingredients that promote the well-being of your hair and scalp. For most people, washing their hair is akin to torture. Most shampoos end up causing breakage when you wash your hair. With the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner, you do not have to worry about that.

Choosing a good cleansing conditioner is important if you have problems styling your hair. With this cleansing conditioner, all you have to do is wash your hair, rinse it and style it the way you want. The end result is beautiful hair which smells good and looks lustrous. The conditioner also leaves your hair moisturized after every wash.

For more reviews about WEN hair, just watch YouTube.

How to Start A Wessex Career

It is estimated that people change jobs and careers several times during their lifetime. Perhaps, you are thinking about transitioning to a new career. Why not consider starting a career at Wessex Institute of Technology? Here is the reason to consider Wessex. It is a well regarded institute of higher learning with strong ties to the scientific community. The institute is involved with research, education, and bringing together various industries and academics in the pursuit of knowledge. If this sounds like the type of career you’d enjoy, consider a Wessex career.

How to Start A Wessex Career

You might wonder what are the qualifications for a career at Wessex Institute of Technology. Well, Wessex only considers people that have a strong curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge along with a relevant educational background. If this sounds like you, visit the Wessex Institute of Technology recruitment page for more up to date information on job opportunities.

Getting Online Reputation Management Service

Are you planning to have a good online reputation management system set up for your organization? Do you want to take control of how you are perceived on the Internet? Perhaps you are already aware of the tremendous damage that can be caused by derogatory remarks or negative content that shows up when people search your name or your brand online.

The best way to handle your reputation management issues is to sign up with a reputation management firm. This will allow you to concentrate on your business.

You’ll need to find an online reputation management firm that has a team of qualified professionals. You need professionals that have a thorough knowledge of the industry as well as experience in suppressing or removing negative content that is ruining your business or organization.

There are many companies out there that offer a wide variety of services that address reputation matters. But as suggests, before you choose a company you need to check out their track record and be sure they the resources and tools to render excellent reputation monitoring and reputation management solutions.

The costs to hire or sign up with a reputation management firm can vary tremendously, depending on the type, or complexity, of the tasks involved. Factors that may affect the cost of reputation management services include type of business or organization, number of negative reviews, who is doing the posting, and how long the reviews or postings have been active.

It is very important that these problems are addressed promptly since the negative content can have a devastating effect on your sales and business revenue. People do not want to purchase from a company that has bad reputation.

A good team of reputation management professionals can actually help you to attract prospects and customers and keep them patronizing your business. Implementing the right strategies for reputation management will benefit your business immensely, so take the time to find a reliable team of experts to help.

When the right tactics or strategy is applied, negative results, malicious remarks and incorrect information can be suppressed or eliminated.

Making Party Planning a Piece of Cake


Are you looking to plan a party in the near future? Here are ten tips to follow when planning your party:

  1. Get organized – make a to do list, a shopping list, and a guest list. These will allow

you to stay focused, and not miss a single detail.

  1. Create a theme – By creating a theme, it can focus the party and make planning easier.
  2. Send out invitations – If it is a last minute get together, an online invitation is

perfectly fine. However, if there is time, it is best to send

out a customized invitation. This can help set the theme of the


  1. Offer a self – serve bar – This will allow you to mingle during the party and not have

to play bartender

  1. Create a specialty concoction – This will help reinforce your theme.
  2. Keep Appetizers simple – They should be ready made ingredients and easily be able to

put together.

  1. Set up a kids table – A kids table will keep them entertained and allow the adults to

enjoy their party.

  1. Keep (place) settings simple – A simple hand written place card paired with a simple

setting is perfect for all kinds of parties.

  1. Stay Relaxed – As the host, you set the tone of your party. It is good to stay cool,

calm, and collected.

  1. Don’t forget the favors – Favors can be a super simple way to thank your guests for

attending your party.


Now, if even following these simple steps, party planning is super stressful for you, corporate event planners in NYC, 23 Layers, would be happy to help. 23 Layers is one of many event planning companies in NYC, but by far the best. Their services rang from selecting a venue to picking out food and invitations, and anything in between. They will cover everything for you, leaving you stress free for your party.