John Goullet: His passion and career

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Mr. John Goullet is and entrepreneur and IT staffing professional. He is the current Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. The IT specialist got his Computer Science Masters degree from Ursinus College in 1983. Immediately after graduating, Mr.Goullet began his career as an information technology consultant before shifting to IT staffing account executive. By working in both IT staffing and consultation, the specialist got the opportunity to explore the large industry. He used this knowledge on the emerging marker trends to establish his IT staffing in 1994, known as Info Technologies. Here, the specialist served as Chief Executive Officer.

By establishing Info Technologies, Mr.Goullet ensured that it majored on understanding his clients’ IT staffing needs as well as the corporate climate before matching his consultants’ work style and skills with their personality. All this was with the intention to meet the specific customer needs. Info Technologies has provided Information Technology staffing solutions to numerous companies including several Fortune 500 companies. Mr.Goullet proved his efficiency by boosting the company’s net worth to $30 million within five years.

As a visionary, Mr.Goullet realized that he could make more milestones in his endeavors through partnerships. With this in mind, the IT guru merged his Info Technologies with Diversant Inc, giving rise to Diversant LLC. He commenced his career in this new company in the Principal capacity. He is actively involved in the development of strategies that help the company beat the challenges of the dynamic IT industry. Under his guidance alongside that of other executives, the corporation has employed the services of industry leaders to form an innovative team. The team has ensured the growth of Diversant, LLC into and an award winning organization. The company has been twice cited by Inc. 500 as among the fastest growing private enterprises in the nation.

Mr. John Goullet has displayed a lot of skill and professionalism that has been evident in the rapid growth of the company notwithstanding the economic downturn. As an IT enthusiast, he encourages his team of employees to uphold respect, creative thinking, and ethical behavior. The growth of his IT staffing company can also be attributed to his belief in unity and teamwork. Through his position, Mr.Goullet can continue his passion for making new developments in the IT world.


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