Traveling Vineyard Helping To Increase Wine Business

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The wine business is one of the leading food and drink industries. Many companies are not only selling wine, but they’re also helping consumers learn about the exquisite drinks. Customers can not only splurge on a fine bottle, but they can learn about the different variations of wine along with which foods go best with wine. One such company that’s providing this type of experience is Traveling Vineyard.

What makes Traveling Vineyard different from other business is it’s a direct sales company.

Many people don’t get the opportunity to visit vineyards, but Traveling Vineyard makes up for that. Consultants for Traveling Vineyard host parties, where they showcase their product and teach customers all they need to know about wine. It’s like having a vineyard trip in your own home.

Traveling Vineyard is not only a great opportunity for wine enthusiasts, but also for people looking to add a little money to their income. As a direct sales company, Traveling Vineyard offers lots of benefits to potential workers.

The number one benefit from working at Traveling Vineyard is of course the money. Consultants can earn a commission of 30 to 40 percent for every sale. Aside from the financial side, Traveling Vineyard offers other benefits. As a new Traveling Vineyard consultant, you are given a kit along with training to help educate you about wine. The kit and training includes wine guides, tasting samples, marketing materials, and other tools to help in your new wine consultant role. Priding itself on a friendly company, Travel Vineyard hosts yearly events for all their consultants. During the events, consultants have fun interacting with each other, while learning about the newest products from Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is a great company for wine lovers who want to work for a fun company, earn extra money, and study more about the wine industry.

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