Walmart And Beneful Team Up For Huge Savings

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Walmart retailers is one of the best places to buy Purina Beneful. They have the best prices even without any coupons. They also offer the biggest selection. The most popular flavor you can find at Walmart are Beneful Originals with real beef, real chicken, and a salmon with a healthy weight option. They also have the same flavors available in the puppy mixes.A 15.5 pound bag of dry dog food from Walmart costs $13.98. A medium 31 pound bag costs $26.98 and the largest bag of dry dog food weighs 40 pounds and only costs $33.98. Even though the size of the bags vary, the price does not change at all based on flavor.

Wet dog food is the same way. They have cans that are only three ounces and some cans that are 10 ounces. The packaging and price varies depending on how much you decide to buy. The reason why the packaging comes in different sizes is to fit the need of different size dogs.Walmart generally has at least one coupon available online Beneful products. Currently, they are offering $3 off of any bag of Purina Beneful dry dog food and buy three get one free on 10 ounce wet dog food containers.

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