Arthur Becker: C.E.O and Chairman of Zinio

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Arthur Becker is the chief executive officer and chairman of Zinio Company. He has quite an interesting past in technology and various application management services to his name. Arthur Becker had invested in NaviSite and Vera Wang Fashion Company each for a couple of years. Mr. Becker has been successful in his ventures. He started off by investing in a great idea back in the year 2011. Even though he has chaired many companies over the years, this venture has taken him to high horizons regarding real estate and technology.

Presently, Arthur invests in divergent residential developments, where he develops townhouses for people. He had been in the limelight for his idea to renovate townhouses for the purpose of selling or leasing. Arthur has broken boundaries in both New York and Florida. It is also noted that his work with Vera Fashion Company helped his real estate idea thrive into new dimensions.

In an interview conducted by inspirery, he reveals that he set the pace in February 2003 where he chaired NaviSite. He later founded Madison Partners, LLC, which he currently continues to invests in and play a vital role in its growth. He says his inspiration was nurtured through working with Vera Wang Fashion Company where he vastly learned about fashion and design.

When asked how he makes money, Arthur positively responds by saying he invests in salient properties which when refurbished and fixed up can be sold or leased out. When he started dealing with technology, he gained immediate profit on several investments, and since the return was rewarding, he decided to venture more in the field.

There was no time he doubted himself since he had ample knowledge and skills needed to run the businesses. He got his first customer in Madison Partners, LLC, through his former job.

Arthur Becker advises that if you are looking for a way to penetrate the market, having a great marketing team will help sell your brand. He continues to say that not only should you use referrals but you should also invest in billboards, business cards, pens, shirts, or any other way to market your brand.

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