Nathaniel Ru Proves that Fast Food Alternative Sweetgreen Works for Millennial Crowd

Entrepreneur Nathaniel Ru has been quite a resource to the health food industry. He asked created a lot of social media buzz through Sweetgreen, and he is changing the way that people look at healthy eating.

This is a restaurant that was developed by Nathaniel Ru and a couple of friends out of frustration in finding a healthy option for eating when he was a college student that was attending Georgetown.

It would become quite mind blowing for Nathaniel Ru to do something like this because most people we’re not accustomed to menu items where everything was considered healthy. This would be quite a task for someone to pull off.

Oddly, Nathaniel Ru really never worried about this because he had already proven himself to be different simply by coming up with the concept Sweetgreen. He knew that if he was going to do it properly that he would have to go all the way.

That is why he put heavy emphasis on bringing this restaurant to select crowd of true health food enthusiasts.

He would not open up everywhere and blow a lot of money in areas with people that might not take interest in the restaurant. Instead, Nathaniel Ru and his friends decided to open the restaurant in upscale areas where people may have actually been looking for an alternative to greasy fast food.

He would go the distance in giving people the ability to have menus with different items based on the various locations where he opened Sweetgreen restaurants.

Nathaniel Ru would find that there were more students at Georgetown University that were also interested in healthy options for dining out. This is how he gained a significant crowd in the Washington, D.C. area.

It would also be a springboard for connecting with a young millennial crowd. The young adults are still taking interest in Sweetgreen, and the Sweetgreen Music Festival is another sign of this.

Nathaniel has been able to connect with the young crowd that may have taken interest in music and accidentally discovered Sweetgreen in the process. This is something that he knew would be successful because many young people love to attend music festivals. He also realized that this would give him a significant amount of social media buzz.

People have been talking about Sweetgreen online, and Nathaniel Ru knew that this would be something that could boost business and increase Sweetgreen exposure.

A Closer Look into Jim Tananbaum’s Career in the Medical Field

Objective measurement as seen in the tracking of chronic illnesses like diabetes needs to be incorporated in the treatment process of mental disorders. These proposition was echoed by Mindstrong Health’s CEO Paul Dagum after his company secured a $14 million funding. The Series-A funding had input from Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Foresite Capital headed by Jim Tananbaum.


By the end of Series-A, Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital led in funding Mindstrong Health. Jim saw Mindstrong Health as an institution with a remarkable understanding of the challenges facing mental health patients. Through its technology and innovations, treatment processes and outcomes were likely to improve the quality of care given. This will improve the future in mental health treatment process which is in line with Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital.


Jim Tananbaum has impeccable academic credentials having schooled in three of the best Ivy League universities. Jim has a Bachelor of Science and Electrical Engineering degree from the Yale University. He has a Masters in degree from Harvard Medical School, an MBA from Harvard Business School and also graduated with a MS from MIT. This academic milestones has seen him serve in the advisory board of the Harvard-MIT HST Program and Tersa Therapeutics. He has also served under the Yale’s President Advisory Counsel.


Besides being the founding CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim has 25 years of experience in the medical field. In his early working days, Jim served at Sierra helping them start up a healthcare investment practice. He also worked and led other health care services investment companies including Healtheon, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. These companies have gone to strike deals with Puma Biotechnology and therapeutics like Aimmune, Sequenta and Intarcia. For more details visit LinkedIn.


According to Patient Daily, Jim has invested and built numerous healthcare companies within this period. He founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Upon his completion of a Master’s degree from Harvard Medical School, created GelTex Pharmaceutical. This company later created two drugs at a cost of $80 million. Presently, these drugs generate $1 billion annually in revenues. GelTex was later sold for $1.6 billion. He later founded Theravance Biopharma which has a market capitalization of $2.75 billion. You can search him on Google to know more.




Fabletics Provides Clothing for People That Know The Different Effects of Clothes on their Bodies

One thing that people who are passionate about fashion are aware of are the different effects that their clothes have on their appearance. One of the common issues that people are faced with when wearing clothes are putting on clothes that have a fattening effect on them. In many cases, this is an undesired effect. Then there are clothes that have slimming effects on the body. One can also find clothes that bring out the best assets of the body. There are many experts to look at that can go into the different types of effects that different pieces of clothing could have on the body.


Among the companies that can provide people with clothing that has the right effect on the body is Fabletics. They have a ton of clothes that have been cut and created for different body types. This allows people to enjoy some very new styles of clothes that will bring them compliments from others. However, even without the compliments, they will have a great sense of confidence because of the clothing styles they have discovered at Fabletics. The fabric is also very comfortable and high in quality which adds to the confidence that people experience when they wear these clothes.


There are a lot of fashion experts that are willing to tell people about the different shapes, colors and patterns and the effect they have on the body. There are also plenty of fits that will give people the appearance of being taller. One of the best things about fashion is that it can be very fun as people look at some of the different effects they can have on their body. Once they find the effect that they want for their body, then they can look at the different products they can wear that can bring them the extra boost in the look they want.


Fabletics provides a lot of creatively put together pieces of clothing. This is one of the reasons that they have shown themselves to be great competition for Amazon. The clothes have been designed by fashion design experts and people that know how to help people find clothing that makes them look the best.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund has one of the most heroic foundation stories in the history of American lobby groups. It is not really a lobby group but a fund that supports lobby groups that propagate its drive and goals. It was founded and continues to be funded by the most stubborn American journalists and determined civil rights activists of the 21st century, Michael Lacey, and Jim Larkin.

Before founding the fund, the two had already been making considerable contributions to the empowerment of the American constitution and protection of the oppressed minority groups. They had been brave and selfless journalists who had thrived and suffered in the line of duty exposing abrasive and misguided self-absorbed government officials who were accustomed to exploiting their official capacity to encroach on the rights of members of minority groups.

The two got into serious trouble when they decided to take down the then self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America, Mr. Arpiao. The two had set out to determine the credibility of the rumors which had it that the sheriff had been abusing his office by illegally oppressing members of the Hispanic community through;

  • Wrongful arrests
  • Racial profiling
  • Mistreatment of county jailbirds

The corrupt and abusive Mr. Arpiao, angry that the two had objectively collected evidence against his flagrant abuse of the Constitution and his official capacity, moved to wrongfully arrest the two journalists, despite the protected and enshrined position of journalists in the American constitution.

Mike and Jim detained them not for breaking the law or for being in contravention to any of the county’s interests but for personal differences that had occurred between himself and them. His actions betrayed himself and the administration he served as well as the American constitution, and they would later prove to be detrimental for the oppressive officials in all of America.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the county for the sheriff’s transgressions, and they lost. Then, true to their warrior spirit, the two activists appealed all the way to the 19 circuit courts where justice finally prevailed. For wrongfully arresting and detaining journalists who had exposed illegal conduct at the county’s sheriff department, the court ordered Maricopa County to pay Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin 3.7 million dollars as compensation.

The win should have been a big enough victory for all members of minority groups; a valuable lesson that justice really does exist for those persistent enough to fight for it. However, because Americans needed more than just a symbolic win, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to do more in their fight against the oppression of immigrants in the United States.

As the two came to find out through the America is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 83 percent of the 41 million immigrants in the United States get deported without fair trial. Also, through the concerted efforts of numerous lobby groups and civil unions, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund identified laws that seem to be tailored towards criminalizing refugee status in the United States, providing for indefinite and mandatory detention.

In a bid to remedy that, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund prosecutes such laws in the eyes of the public through campaigns and in law courts through lawsuits and legal challenges. It mainly focuses on aiding the members of the Hispanic community to pursue their rights through litigation. It also supports other minority groups, especially in the cases where they target to obtain hallmark ruling.

Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

David Giertz On How Communication Can Help Improve Retirement

One of the issues that David Giertz sees retirees faced with is a less than comfortable lifestyle. This is one of the reasons that he wants advisers to actually talk to their clients. There needs to be effective communication so that clients will have a better shot at a good retirement on For one thing, David Giertz has seen that most people who are about to retire don’t know the factors that can influence the amount of money they receive. There are a few big mistakes that can keep people from getting the largest amount of money possible for their retirement.

David Giertz and others have seen that there are tons of misconceptions about social security and retirement on One of the issues with this is that they have a large effect on the retirement of the individual. People who go by these misconceptions often cheat themselves of the money they could’ve received and fees that they could’ve avoided. Fortunately, David is available to tell people what they need to know so that their retirement is going to be the best they can get. He is not only willing to talk to the clients about social security matters, but also the advisers on how to help their clients.

One of the frustrating things that David Giertz sees when it comes to social security and in general is that a lot of people are left in the dark. According to, clients are helped in certain ways. However, they are not given the information they need so that they will be able to make the right decisions for their retirement. One thing that is certain is that retirement can be fun. At the same time, it can be hard and uncomfortable. A lot of it depends on when the retiree takes out his social security for his income at

John Goullet: His passion and career

Mr. John Goullet is and entrepreneur and IT staffing professional. He is the current Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. The IT specialist got his Computer Science Masters degree from Ursinus College in 1983. Immediately after graduating, Mr.Goullet began his career as an information technology consultant before shifting to IT staffing account executive. By working in both IT staffing and consultation, the specialist got the opportunity to explore the large industry. He used this knowledge on the emerging marker trends to establish his IT staffing in 1994, known as Info Technologies. Here, the specialist served as Chief Executive Officer.

By establishing Info Technologies, Mr.Goullet ensured that it majored on understanding his clients’ IT staffing needs as well as the corporate climate before matching his consultants’ work style and skills with their personality. All this was with the intention to meet the specific customer needs. Info Technologies has provided Information Technology staffing solutions to numerous companies including several Fortune 500 companies. Mr.Goullet proved his efficiency by boosting the company’s net worth to $30 million within five years.

As a visionary, Mr.Goullet realized that he could make more milestones in his endeavors through partnerships. With this in mind, the IT guru merged his Info Technologies with Diversant Inc, giving rise to Diversant LLC. He commenced his career in this new company in the Principal capacity. He is actively involved in the development of strategies that help the company beat the challenges of the dynamic IT industry. Under his guidance alongside that of other executives, the corporation has employed the services of industry leaders to form an innovative team. The team has ensured the growth of Diversant, LLC into and an award winning organization. The company has been twice cited by Inc. 500 as among the fastest growing private enterprises in the nation.

Mr. John Goullet has displayed a lot of skill and professionalism that has been evident in the rapid growth of the company notwithstanding the economic downturn. As an IT enthusiast, he encourages his team of employees to uphold respect, creative thinking, and ethical behavior. The growth of his IT staffing company can also be attributed to his belief in unity and teamwork. Through his position, Mr.Goullet can continue his passion for making new developments in the IT world.


Traveling Vineyard Helping To Increase Wine Business

The wine business is one of the leading food and drink industries. Many companies are not only selling wine, but they’re also helping consumers learn about the exquisite drinks. Customers can not only splurge on a fine bottle, but they can learn about the different variations of wine along with which foods go best with wine. One such company that’s providing this type of experience is Traveling Vineyard.

What makes Traveling Vineyard different from other business is it’s a direct sales company.

Many people don’t get the opportunity to visit vineyards, but Traveling Vineyard makes up for that. Consultants for Traveling Vineyard host parties, where they showcase their product and teach customers all they need to know about wine. It’s like having a vineyard trip in your own home.

Traveling Vineyard is not only a great opportunity for wine enthusiasts, but also for people looking to add a little money to their income. As a direct sales company, Traveling Vineyard offers lots of benefits to potential workers.

The number one benefit from working at Traveling Vineyard is of course the money. Consultants can earn a commission of 30 to 40 percent for every sale. Aside from the financial side, Traveling Vineyard offers other benefits. As a new Traveling Vineyard consultant, you are given a kit along with training to help educate you about wine. The kit and training includes wine guides, tasting samples, marketing materials, and other tools to help in your new wine consultant role. Priding itself on a friendly company, Travel Vineyard hosts yearly events for all their consultants. During the events, consultants have fun interacting with each other, while learning about the newest products from Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is a great company for wine lovers who want to work for a fun company, earn extra money, and study more about the wine industry.

Walmart And Beneful Team Up For Huge Savings

Walmart retailers is one of the best places to buy Purina Beneful. They have the best prices even without any coupons. They also offer the biggest selection. The most popular flavor you can find at Walmart are Beneful Originals with real beef, real chicken, and a salmon with a healthy weight option. They also have the same flavors available in the puppy mixes.A 15.5 pound bag of dry dog food from Walmart costs $13.98. A medium 31 pound bag costs $26.98 and the largest bag of dry dog food weighs 40 pounds and only costs $33.98. Even though the size of the bags vary, the price does not change at all based on flavor.

Wet dog food is the same way. They have cans that are only three ounces and some cans that are 10 ounces. The packaging and price varies depending on how much you decide to buy. The reason why the packaging comes in different sizes is to fit the need of different size dogs.Walmart generally has at least one coupon available online Beneful products. Currently, they are offering $3 off of any bag of Purina Beneful dry dog food and buy three get one free on 10 ounce wet dog food containers.

Adam Milstein: Fighting For His Community One Goal At A Time

During the past few years, the nuisance and violence the Boycotting groups and other divisions have delivered to America’s university grounds have become a great disadvantage. For a long time, several deserving Jewish and professional-Israel businesses have fought courageously to counter this hate, however the issue has just appeared to grow worse.

At UCLA, there was a pupil who was stopped from joining the a student panel subsequently because her views could be considered as non supportive because her identification recommended she’d double loyalties. Situations of Jewish pupils across campuses and actual attacks on AEPI Homes continue to enhance and become more of an issue. On and off campus, there would be structured anti-Israel hate organizations holding presentations and activities, which quickly outmatched the little frontend protests arranged by nearby expert-Israel activists.

Adam was born Israel in 1952 and would be considered an active philanthropist and real estate investor. He was also a managing partner who worked with a company that was based in Southern California called Hager Pacific Properties. He graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business. Only a few years later did he complete his master’s in business at the University of Southern California. Soon afterwards he became a real estate agent.

During last June, Adam teamed up with Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban to assist with a inaugural summit at Campus Maccabees. The summit had over 50 organizations that attended from the pro-Israel community. Their goal was to remove the hate groups from the campuses that spread and told lies at the US campuses.

Adam Milstein is a public speaker on several issues. He is passionate about his community and strongly opposes the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions). He has also written numerous different editorials that involved the Western and Isreal nation’s expressing his views.

The MB2 Dental Solutions and Brief about Dr. Akhil Reddy

The Dallas, Texas based MB2 Dental Solutions is a distinguished dental solutions provider that serves as a partner to various affiliated dentists and practices. On the overall, the group aims to provide appropriate expertise and personalized systems to handle non-clinical operations. The focus on non-clinical areas is designed to help dentist’s concentrate on providing satisfactory dental care to their patients and promote sound decision making. Being a dental management entity owned by dentists, the organization understands the challenges and needs of dentists. The non-clinical areas of dental management services provided by the dental organization include:

  • Human resources
  • Compliance
  • Credentialing
  • Account and finance
  • Training
  • Business management
  • Procurement

Besides the core services, MB2 Dental Solutions has also made it easier for participating Dental practitioners to tap into its network, thanks to the availability of advanced delivery systems and subscription service. Over the years, the ability of the organization to cultivate doctor loyalty and provide unmatched expertise has seen it grow its reach to 70 affiliated locations in 6 states. Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the leading dental practitioners affiliated with the group. According to an overview published on LinkedIn, Dr. Akhil serves as a Director at non-profit organization based in Oakland, California the JustHealth510.

He is also a partner dentist at West Lovers Dental in Dallas, Texas and a Committee Member of the California Dental Association (CDA). Dr. Akhil joined both West Lovers Dental and CDA in 2016. At West Lovers Dental, Dr. Akhil and his team offer various specialized treatments including Orthodontic dentistry, porcelain vaneers palcement, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and other advanced treatments. The practice uses state-of-art dental treatment technologies to ensure patients remain comfort during treatment. Dr. Akhil received his education at the University of Pacific in California.

He first obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 2005 and later D.D.S. in Dentistry in 2008 from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. In his professional career, Dr. Akhil has achieved a number of accomplishments, including the Michael J. Minch Award for excellence exemplary work in undergraduate study and research. Outside work, the good doctor has a taste for fine wine. According to the French Tribune, Dr. Akhil’s favorite list of inexpensive French wines with rich scent includes Chateau d’ Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon; Chateau Haut Bernasse Le Cos Monbazillac and Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc. These wines cost from $11 to $18.

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